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Weighted Sensory Lap Pad Sea Turtle Plush

Weighted Sensory Lap Pad Sea Turtle Plush

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Introducing our big sea turtle lap pad, a delightful and versatile sensory experience for all ages. With a weight of 3 lbs, Sunny offers a multi-functional lap pad that can be used as both a weighted sensory toy and a detachable sensory pillow. Each vibrant fabric section features different sensory materials, while a marble fidget tail adds an extra dimension of engagement. The unique design makes Sunny an ideal companion for activities like focusing, watching TV, or traveling. Crafted from premium materials and filled with safe, non-toxic polyethylene beads, Sunny is built to last and has undergone rigorous safety testing. Particularly suited for children with special needs like Autism or ADHD, Sunny arrives with an endearing letter to establish a heartfelt connection with its new best friend. A truly perfect and lasting gift choice.

Large Size: 22 in. long with tail, 15 in. wide, approx. 9.5 in. tall (56 x 35.6 x 22.9 cm.)
Weight: 3lb. (1.36 kg.)
Textures include: Nubby, shag, plush, velvet, satin, sparkly flip sequins, and fidget marble tail
Weighted feet (polyethylene beads, BPA-free, hypoallergenic)
2-Piece Set: Separates to become a sensory pillow and sequins weighted lap pad
Detachable shell w/ 4 clips: Encourages fine motor development
Color: pale green accented with purple, pink, yellow, lime green, aqua blue, yellow, orange, red and black
Safety Features: Embroidered eyes and mouth.
Exterior material: 80% polyester, 20% cotton, extra soft
Filling: 100% polyester, all new materials, weighted plastic beads
Recommended for ages 3 and up
Ideal for kids and adults with sensory needs including gift for blind, autism, ADHD, calming anxiety, stress relief
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