Our Brand Story

Our MEA-Mission: 
We aim to provide the most well-considered toys and tools possible to aid in the development of Autistic children and kids with other learning and developmental challenges. Our products and platforms are designed to bring hope to parents as they witness their children achieve specific and significant goals, without forgetting that sometimes just having fun is valuable as well.

Our MEA-Vision:
With a clear understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all for autistic children’s’ developmental needs, MEAVIA:

  • Designs toys that are more intentionally designed than mere “fidget” solutions.
  • Educates on the best ways to engage with both the toys and children to best achieve individual goals.
  • Considers the nuanced needs of autism and therefore creates toys that cater to children beyond the blanket term “sensory.”
  • Creates toys that are multifunctional in that they are great for all children as well as those with specific learning challenges. While children may engage with the toys as random play, the act of playing with our toys also achieves educational and developmental goals.
  • Connects families and therapists to supportive communities and resources.

We want parents to have the joy of seeing their children make developmental breakthroughs via our toys and we want their children to have pure fun playing with interesting things that also happen to be tailor-made for their needs.