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A brand committed to designing and developing toys and learning aids for Autistic children and kids with other developmental challenges. Our journey is just beginning with great products coming soon. We’d love for you to join us and be a part of our brand family as we advocate for Autism Acceptance and join the countless families, friends and professionals who aspire to help make this world a better place for the ones they love.

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With Love,

Autism Dad & Toy Designer

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Line and Learn Car Playset - sh2580Mv1

Line and Learn Car Playset

Introducing the "Line & Learn Cars Set," a sensory playset designed to engage and inspire kids who love to arrange and organize things in imaginative ways while fostering essential visual learning skills. This set features a fleet of pull-back wind-up small cars. The pull-back mechanism not only adds an exciting element of fine motor skill development but also lets kids have thrilling races. Children can let their creativity run wild by mixing and matching the cars to create their own unique line-up patterns.

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