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Sensory Plush Elephant

Sensory Plush Elephant

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Ellie is a plush stuffie that offers a unique sensory experience for your child. Each colored fabric area features a different sensory material, stimulating your child's sense of touch. Ellie's ears make a crinkle sound, providing auditory stimulation as well.

Designed to be a calming presence, Ellie's weighted body and feet make her a perfect buddy for cuddling while watching TV or getting ready for bed. Her tail features a marble encased in nylon mesh, offering a tactile outlet for fidgety fingers and promoting relaxation.

Ellie is made with premium materials, ensuring her safety for your child. Non-toxic polyethylene beads for weight and high quality fabrics ensure durability and longevity.
Ideal for children with special needs, Ellie comes with an introduction letter and offers comfort and sensory stimulation. Overall, Ellie the Weighted Sensory Elephant is the perfect gift for any child in need of additional comfort and stimulation.

XL Size: 12.25 in. tall, 10.5 in. wide w/ ears floppy, 11.75 in. front to tail (31x27x30 cm.)
Weight: 3.45 lb. (1.6 kg.)
Color: Gray, white, black, purple, aqua blue, lime green, orange, yellow, red
For kids ages 3 and up
Also available in the FEELix Collection: Regular Octopus Sensory Plush and Mini Octopus
100% polyester fabric & filling, also w/ polyethylene beads (for bean bag weight)

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